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Aug. 5th, 2010



Force Unleashed II in October!

The release date for the Force Unleashed II novel by Sean Williams is October 5, 2010.

Publisher's summary:
As ruthless apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller was mercilessly schooled in the ways of the dark side, commanded to exterminate the last of the purged Jedi Order, and groomed for the ultimate Sith power play: assassination of the Emperor. He served without question, killed without remorse, and lost his heart without warning to beautiful Imperial fighter pilot Juno Eclipse, never suspecting that he was just a tool in the schemes of his masters—until it was too late to escape their lethal betrayal.

Juno mourned Starkiller as dead...but now he is back, purged of all memories and programmed to kill. And as fate brings Juno and Starkiller closer to reuniting, with Darth Vader determined not to lose his assassin a second time, they will both have to make a stand. The prize is freedom. The punishment for failing will be eternal enslavement to the dark side of the Force...

The release date for the game is October 26, 2010.



Date for latest book?

I didn't realize there was to be another book about Marek. So when is it out cause I have to have one. Love the character from Sean Williams first book.

Jul. 16th, 2010



Together Again, Part 4, Star Wars AU, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Rated G

Title: Together Again, Part 4
Author: ring34_ani
Fandom: Star Wars AU
Characters: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker
Rating: Rated G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2613
Disclaimers: No ownership, no profit, just having a good time with my favorite characters.
Notes: A little AU turn after events in The Empire Strikes Back.
Summary: Luke and Vader are stranded together.

Together Again, Part 4Collapse )

Feeling Again

Beginning Again

Together Again, Part 1

Together Again, Part 2

Together Again, Part 3

Sep. 25th, 2008

Ms. Dorothy Parker


(no subject)

Hey Everybody!

I have a request but it kind of involves a spoiler so it's behind the cut.

Thanks in advance.

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Sep. 14th, 2008

Kitty: Angry Calico


Williams, Sean: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Writer: Sean Williams
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 319

The premise: Darth Vader has a secret apprentice who he's been training in the Dark Side of the Force. This apprentice is meant to help Vader overthrow the Emperor, but as always, when it comes to the Sith, nothing is what it seems. Soon the apprentice is on his own with only his pilot, a woman named Juno, and his training droid, PROXY, as his companions. He's conflicted about his missions, about his loyalty to the Emperor and his Master, and more important, about how he feels about that pilot of his. He might know all about the Dark Side of the Force, but he knows NOTHING about women, and that might be just what undermines his goals to take over the galaxy.

My Rating

Buy the Paperback: to be honest, I kind of wish I'd bought the graphic novel instead. That too is an option. Reasons being were because as I mentioned before, I got really bored with the predictable rate of action scenes, and unless I've given impeccable descriptions of the visuals, it's all kind of muddy in my head anyway. And let's face it: any book that's a novelization of a VIDEO GAME is bound to be, you know, VISUAL. I'm not blaming Williams for this at all. I think he did well enough with what he had, but frankly, his other Star Wars work and his ORIGINAL work is much, much better. As for the game itself, I don't know. I'm not a gamer, but Greg's downloaded the PS3 demo for me and I'll see how I do and how fast I get impatient with the level of difficulty and the controls. I'll be honest, about the only video games I can handle are Lego: Star Wars and Lego: Indiana Jones. No, I'm not kidding. :)

But as far as the novelization goes, it's a fine idea in and of itself, but I'm really not convinced it warranted a hardcover publication, and if I'd had a choice between a hardcover and a mass-market, I'd take the mass-market. The books seems more geared for that anyway, but since I like the author, I hope he's making some money out of this deal. This isn't at all a solid example of Star Wars novels and what they have to offer, so if you do read this, and it's your first SW novel EVER, don't let this book be the judge and jury of exploring more SW titles. There are MUCH better stories out there, with familiar characters and non-familiar characters, that you can sink your teeth into.

The full review, WITH MAJOR SPOILERS, may be found at my LJ. Comments and discussion are most welcome.


Happy Reading! :)

Jul. 23rd, 2008



Jealousy Rends the Heart, SW-Force Unleashed, The Secret Apprentice, Rated PG

Title: Jealousy Rends the Heart
Author: ring34_ani
Fandom: Star Wars (Force Unleashed)
Characters: The Secret Apprentice (Starkiller), Darth Vader (mentioned only)
Rating: Rated PG
Word Count: about 428
Disclaimers: This is a work of fanfiction; I do not own or profit from these characters.
Summary: Vader’s apprentice is unsettled by his discovery that Vader once had a child.

Jealousy Rends the HeartCollapse )

This story was originally written for starwarsficfest

May. 26th, 2008



Update on Starkiller name...

EU Cantina also recently asked someone at LucasArts about the Starkiller name in connecton with the Secret Apprentice and this is what they found out:

"...we contacted Lucasarts to see what the deal was with the name. We got a reply from Adam Kahn, who is the Public Relations over at Lucasarts for The Force Unleashed. He told us:

“I can confirm that “Starkiller” is the Secret Apprentice’s code name in
the game, but we haven’t revealed his real name.”

So, there you go, everyone. Starkiller is the codename that Vader uses most likely to refer to his Apprentice. It is NOT his first or last name, and his real name has yet to be revealed."


Link to David Collins interview at EU Cantina...

Here is an excellent interview that the EU Cantina did with David Collins who is the Audio Lead/Voice Director for LucasArts and has worked recently on The Force Unleashed. David also does the voice of PROXY, the Secret Apprentice's droid.


Here is an excerpt from the interview in which Collins discusses the character PROXY:

"I’ve gotta tell you, he’s an amazing character! He’s not anything like C-3PO, and he’s not evil like HK-47 from Kotor… he’s actually totally unique. He’s a prototype Holo droid, and he can appear as anyone and fight like anyone! He’s also a very fancy communications model, and serves as a holo-comlink of sorts for Vader through the Apprentice’s missions.

He is The Apprentice’s training Droid, and his Primary Programming is to try and kill the Apprentice… this is the programming that Vader gave Proxy! This is how Vader has trained The Apprentice all of his life! And yet, Proxy is his only friend and companion… so the comic irony comes from the fact that Proxy and the apprentice are best buddies… but Proxy’s always trying to do him in during various ambushes and funny moments throughout the game. I don’t think either of them know any better… their entire lives, they’ve never known anything else…

I like to think that I’m giving Proxy’s performance a certain innocence and loyal friendship, because I don’t know if Proxy really understands death fully, in spite of how lethal and dangerous he is. Haden and Darragh certainly directed it that way as well. I imagine that if he ever actually did succeed in killing the Apprentice, he would be full of grief. He’s such a great character. I love the relationship that Proxy has with the Apprentice, and Sam Witwer and I had the time of our lives playing those scenes together. Sam is an amazing actor by the way, and a really close friend."



The Force Unleashed novel summary from SFBC...

Here is a summary someone found at the Science Fiction Book Club site (which is partly accessed by members only) for The Force Unleashed novel by Sean Williams:

Summary here...mild spoilersCollapse )

Here's what TheForce.Net had to say about it:


May. 21st, 2008



Jimmy Smits to do Bail's voice!

TheForce.Net has reported that Jimmy Smits will reprise his character of Bail Organa in The Force Unleashed. This has been confirmed by LucasArts.

A link to So Hood Magazine was given for more information:


The Force Unleashed debuts in just a few months on September 16, 2008.

May. 18th, 2008



Details about Force Unleashed games...

This from http://blogs.theage.com.au/screenplay/archives//009496.html:

"The Duel mode, exclusive to the Wii version, lets you battle friends controlling characters like Obi-Wan, Anakin, Vader, Luke, Darth Maul and General Grievous..."

"...lightsaber blows, lightning bolts and Force pushes..."

"...use the Force to grab items and hurl them at your hapless opponent, or just throw your rival into lava or a Sarlacc pit."


Secret Apprentice's name...Starkiller???

EU Cantina.net recently posted a link to NZGamer about the Secret Apprentice's real name which could possibly be Starkiller. Many long-time fans may recognize that as George Lucas' name for his Star Wars hero before he changed it to Luke Skywalker. Kind of ironic isn't it, the way things come back.

I don't know how well this information has been confirmed but you can read about it here:

...Darth Vader's secret apprentice. You may not have realised it but he hasn't been given a name publically, other than the moniker of "Secret Apprentice". That is until now. Ladies and gentlemen, our anti-hero's name... is... Starkiller.

Die-hard Star Wars fans will find this name rather familiar, and they should as it is the original name George Lucas intended Luke to have back when Star Wars was nothing but thoughts and ideas in Lucas' head. The name stuck until the forth revision of the Star Wars script where Luke Starkiller was renamed to Luke Skywalker. A nice homage to what once was.

Here also is a link that NZGamer did with producer Dan Wasson:



Interview and screenshots about Force Unleashed...

Here's another interview at videogamer.com, this one with Cameron Suey, the producer of the xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the Force Unleashed game.


videogamer.com also had several great screenshots from the game:

May. 6th, 2008



A link to a Force Unleashed article...

io9 posted an article about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed:


Here's an excerpt talking about the game:

"The Force Unleashed takes place right where Episode III left off. Darth Vader goes to the planet Kashyyk on a personal mission to find a hidden Jedi. The battle on Kashyyk is all around him (blasters coming at all angles), but that is not why he is there. Interestingly enough you cannot make Vader run — because well, Vader doesn't run.

As Vader, you get to use a lot of power from the force. I don't think it needs to be said because of the title but there aren't other weapons in this besides the force and your lightsaber. But who needs a blaster when you can just pull the roof down on your enemies? Vader rips apart a ton of warrior Wookies, trees, and doors and uncovers the Jedi's secret hideout. In mid-strangle Vader demands the Jedi to tell him where the strong presence he feels is coming from. Out of nowhere a little boy appears, grabs Vader's lightsaber and the Dark Lord realizes that this kid is quite powerful.

Fast forward over many years of torture by Daddy V (according to news reports) and the little boy has grown up and is Vader's secret apprentice. Secret because if the Emperor found out, Vader would be in a world of lightning pain from his master. What's the plan? Send the secret apprentice out to kill all the Jedi, and then team up to kill the Emperor."

Mar. 21st, 2008



Welcome to the community!

Welcome to The Force Unleashed Fan Community for fans of the upcoming games and novels.

The community welcomes questions, discussions, site recommendations, links, fanfiction, icons, pictures, artwork, suggestions and anything else to do with The Force Unleased.

I am k_trask, maintainer of this community. If you have a question about anything you may comment to this post or any other and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.